Gather Grant

The Gather Network Grant registration is open! 

The application is now available, and only after you have registered. The title of the grant will remain Young Adult Community Resource Grant and will be awarded to communities who currently are or considering to be part of the Gather Network

The grant will be available in 4 cycles to provide more opportunities for Gather communities in development:  

1st cycle: applications due April 1

2nd cycle: applications due June 1

3rd cycle: applications due August 1

4th cycle: applications due October 1

$50,000 will be spread out between the 3 cycles. Registration will be available at all times, and any applications received after each of the due dates will be considered for the next cycle. 

*Please register as an organization, with your organization name being the exact name that will receive the grant through its bank account. Register under Young Adult Community Resource Grant.

Description and Requirements

The Young Adult Community Resource Grants are provided by ELCA Young Adult Ministry and are awarded to Gather communities whose mission serves to connect young adults (ages 18-35) from a defined region, for in-person gatherings centered on community, justice, and love. Applicant ministries must include plans to develop a sustainable forward thinking platform for community building and engagement of Young Adults. The expectation of these ministries will be to join the Gather Network ( and attend monthly network meetings as available. 

Applicants include any ELCA organizations whose mission serves to connect young adults (18-35) from a defined region, are invited to submit a proposal on how their community will be a part of the larger Gather Network and demonstrate how young adults (ages 18-35) can gather in a community faith. The majority of Grant recipients will receive $1,000-3,000, with outliers receiving $4,000-5,000. The intention of this grant is to assist in funding projects and initiate programming (such as branding/merchandise, small stipend, hospitality supplies, training materials, event/retreat costs, etc.), not to sustain ongoing ministry. 

Applicants are required to: